Jalsat Ludo

About this game

Do you like to play Ludo? Jalsat Ludo brings you the best Ludo game yet! Play with or against your friends and win amazing prizes!

Jalsat Ludo revives the original spirit of the Ludo game but with new and innovative features, from the different stages, the different shapes of the dice and the idea of companions! Choose your companion to win additional rewards when you defeat your friends!

You can get more companions and level them up as you progress through the game and you will also get daily rewards with extra prizes!

How to play a Ludo session:

Download the game and start having fun! Kobe will help you in the meantime.

Collect a lot of coins, gems and daily rewards to play for long periods with your friends and to gift them if you wish! You can change the shapes of your dice, playing pieces, and companions to best represent your character!

Choose your companion who will help you win the game, from Suhail, Shaq, Rasha and many others, each of them will give you a different advantage and have their own personality!

Ludo session is a team game that you play with your friends and the best Ludo players from different countries!




November 23rd, 2022

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